Discover the Foundations For Success . .Using the Essentials of Horsemanship!


For the horseman, SUCCESS means...

  • Knowing how: translate ground skills into riding results.
  • Developing a relationship with the horse. Communication. Feel.
  • Understanding why: seeing the world through the horse's eyes.
  • Techniques are limited without an understanding of the philosophy and principles behind them. 
  • Growing in confidence. Self-reliance. Independence. 
  • Acquiring skills not just for today's horse or today's challenge, but for a lifetime of horses and challenges.




Kathleen Sullivan -


Puts the whole picture together.

With her unique ability to enrich the education of the rider with knowledge of the horse, she enables rider and horse to understand and progress towards a truly unified relationship.


With Kathleen's guidance, you will...

      Learn the fundamental concepts and skills of Attaining Excellence with Horses easily, with clear, concise instruction specifically tailored to your personal goals.

Make rapid progress with techniques to improve your horsemanship and your horse's understanding.

Find yourself on a lifetime journey of learning and challenge, reward and SUCCESS.

Kathleen Sullivan Horsemanship -Email me -or call  970-946-9681 - Bristow, OK

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